Danish Ministerial Network against IPR Infringements 
The website is maintained by the Danish Ministerial Network against IPR infringements. The Network was established in 2008 with the purpose of strengthening the cooperation between the public authorities in the fight against IPR crime, including trade in counterfeit and pirated products and illegal streaming of music and films.

The Network has implemented a long list of initiatives, including increasing the criminal sanctions to up to 6 years of imprisonment for all types of IPR crime. 

The Network cooperates closely to fight IPR crime. The Network's mission is described in this Terms of Reference (Danish language document). You can read more about the Network's many results in our annual reports (in Danish). The initiatives e.g. include cooperation on enforcement actions, joint awareness raising campaigns for consumers and a continuous dialogue with representatives from stakeholder organisations. 

Find information on the participating authorities here.

The Network was established based on a recommendation in a cross-ministerial working group report from March 2008 (in Danish). Find a summary in English here.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is secretariat for the Network.


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