Dangerous Fakes

Publiceret 17-03-2022

Joint report from the OECD and EUIPO on trade in counterfeit goods that pose health, safety and environmental risks.

The report analyses data from customs seizures and other enforcement data and looks at how dangerous counterfeits can end up in the hands of consumers.

EUIPO highlights the following in their press release on the report:

  • ”Perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, toys, automotive spare parts and pharmaceuticals, among the most common dangerous fakes
  • Substandard and counterfeit products can threaten consumers’ health and, in some cases, lives
  • Online sales represent 60 % of seizures of dangerous products destined to the EU
  • China and Hong Kong account for 75 % of dangerous fakes seized”


Read the full report here.

Read the executive summary here.

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