6 good reasons to buy genuine

There are many good reasons to avoid fakes and choose genuine products instead - especially if you want to take care of your health, protect your credit card information and avoid supporting criminal organizations.

Don’t put your health at risk
For the manufacturers of counterfeit products, it's the profit that counts. They often use cheap but harmful substances. Counterfeiters don't need to think about their reputation or product quality, since it's the original producers and consumers who suffer the loss.

 Don’t support crime
The link between counterfeit goods and organized crime is well documented. By purchasing counterfeit goods, you run the risk of supporting criminal organizations that may also be involved in drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, tax evasion, money laundering and human trafficking.

Good deal or waste of money?
Sellers of counterfeit products are generally committing a criminal offense. Also, you have no idea which product you receive – or if your consumer rights are respected. Also be aware that fakes can be destroyed upon customs control.

Avoid credit card abuse and malware
You risk misuse of your credit card and malware/virus on your computer, if you buy counterfeit products online.

Don’t take advantage of vulnerable workers
Counterfeit products are often produced in the black economy and without control of working conditions or hygiene. This puts workers in a vulnerable situation with increased risk of exploitation.

Don’t put jobs at risk
Counterfeit products result in huge revenue losses for the innovative companies - and fewer jobs. Stealing the ideas of others is unfair competition.

Get tips for avoiding fakes when shopping online and in stores .

Checklist for online shopping

Checklist for shopping in stores

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Are you in risk of getting a counterfeit product you bought online destroyed if the Customs Authority detains it?