Economic impact of counterfeiting in the clothing, cosmetics, and toy sectors in the EU

Publiceret 16-01-2024

Report from EUIPO

This study assesses the economic impact of counterfeiting in sales and employment in three sectors: clothing (including footwear), cosmetics and toys.

Selected main findings by EUIPO :

  • The legitimate clothing industry lost almost EUR 12 billion of revenue as an annual average in 2018-2021, representing 5.2 % of clothing sales in the EU.
  • As a consequence of sales lost due to counterfeiting, the clothing industry employed 160.000 fewer people each year in the same period.
  • The estimated lost cosmetics sales due to counterfeiting amount to EUR 3 billion, corresponding to 4.8 % of total sales.
  • The lost employment in the EU cosmetics industry is estimated at almost 32.000 people.
  • The toy sector suffers the highest ratio of sales lost due to counterfeiting: 8.7 %, corresponding to EUR 1 billion.
  • The toy sector employed 3.600 fewer people due to counterfeiting.

Read the full report and executive summary here.



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